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(Nashville, TN)

Thayer Sarrano - 3rd & Lindsley (Nashville, TN)
3rd & Lindsley
(Nashville, TN)

October 29, 2017 (Sunday) - Pelican case in tow, Thayer Sarrano crosses the Cumberland River, armed with fuzz and delays, venturing towards environs scarcely a distortion pedal's throw from Music Row, to save and protect any and all who might listen. Sarrano performs live at the much-esteemed 3rd & Lindsley, in support of The Wild Reeds. The Wilds Reeds are a Los Angeles based band. They are currently on tour in support of their recent album The World We Built (2017), which followed their 2014 debut Blind and Brave. The band was initially formed, back in 2010, of a core trio -- Sharon Silva, Kinsey Lee, and Mackenzie Howe -- who have since been joined by others. The World We Built is brought to you courtesy of the Nashville independent label Dualtone Records. Should you care to catch -- and you should -- The Wild Reeds performing live, but can't trek to Nashville tonight, why not audition their recent sets on NPR Music's Tiny Desk Concert series, as hosted by Bob Boilen, or perhaps their conquest of KEXP Studios out in Seattle. As for tonight, we would highly counsel you to tune into Lighting 100 Radio in Nashville, which will broadcast this evening's performances, as brought to you by Thayer Sarrano and The Wild Reeds.  

Guildwater Gear
(Athens, GA)

Guildwater Gear. The Double-G
Guildwater Gear
Studio & Stage for Professionals

October 28, 2017 (Saturday) - Into the "Double-G" — Guildwater Gear. We the Scribes of the Guildwater Group have been busy. For the better part of three months, with nary so much as a lunchbreak, we have turned our quills from their traditional illumined parchments, to the ceaseless marvels of HTML code, cascading style sheets, JavaScript, and XML files. At long last, we are pleased to announce a new branch of The Guildwater GroupGuildwater Gear. It is our online retail division, by which we will deliver audio-visual equipment to professionals and aspirants of the studio and stage. Partnering with Big Commerce, we now have our own stand-alone store, one which we will soon integrate seamlessly with Amazon, eBay, and Facebook. Thanks to our partners of The Music People, Inc., we have access to distribution centers in Connecticut, Kentucky, and California, to help us better serve the gear needs of the audio-visual studio and stage community. Guildwater Gear also represents a direct retail avenue for the music and merchandise of our record label.

We are slightly opening our doors today, unveiling but a few of our wares (less than 1% of the total). We will trumpet at a later date our Grand Opening, and spread out further the full panoply. Let us say this then — "Everything." That's right. Everything. From the condenser microphones into which people sing ("Pick a Neumann, any Neumann, by George"), to the guitar pedals upon which they stomp, from the mixing consoles that pan and fade live sound, to the lighting fixtures that illuminate a stage, from the acoustical foam on studio walls, to the very nuts and bolts that hold your rackmount equipment into place, Guildwater Gear will be pleased to sell products from a host of outstanding brands, staples of both the entertainment industry and our own studios. With more still to come, among our initial family of brands you will soon find: AKG, Alesis, Allen & Heath, Aphex, Ashly, Audio-Technica, Audix, Auralex, Behringer, Blizzard Lighting, Blue Microphones, Bose, CAD Audio, Chauvet DJ & Professional, Crown, dbx, Denon, Dynaudio, Earthworks, Electro-Voice, Furman Power, Hartke, Heil Sound, JBL, KRK, Lexicon, Mackie, Neumann, Odyssey Innovative Designs, Olympus, On-Stage, Peavey, Pelican Cases, PreSonus, Raxxess, Roland, Samson, Sennheiser, Shure, SKB, Soundcraft, Tannoy, Tascam, TC Electronic, TC Helicon, Telefunken, and Yamaha. We will be adding new products daily from each of these lines. It is also our hope and intention, in the coming year, to add new product categories, such as cameras, DSLR and video alike, among other related items.

As part of our broader launch, the design agents of our Scribal Squad devised a new logo for Guildwater Gear. The logo depicted up above was the victorious design selected from among a dozen or so variants, such as the one found below. In both cases, at center, you will find a lower-case iteration of our mirrored "Double-G." This is only fitting, considering that Guildwater Gear is a wholly-owned subsidiary of its parent company -- "The O-Double-G" (The Original Double-G) -- The Guildwater Group, LLC. The font of the new is Paralucent Stencil. The font of yore is Bookman Old Style, with occasional nods towards Bodoni 72, which we always reach for in a pinch, when we need slender height, and the squat width of the Bookman doesn't fit the design needs of the moment. Once our Scriptorium finally obtains an official license for Carolingian Uncial: "It's game-over, Charlemagne." Until then, there are sure to a few broken links among our broader website renovations. Please bear with us as we update and improve our new design.  

Guildwater Gear. The Double-G

(Nashville, TN)

Thayer Sarrano - Let It Begin With Me - (Nashville, TN)

September 21, 2017 (Thursday) - Thayer Sarrano plays the Let It Begin With Me Festival in Nashville, Tennessee. The aim of this world peace day event is, in the words of its official website, "to celebrate each other, and encourage ownership of our individual power to make a more peaceful and welcoming world for all." Inspiration for the festival found origin in "the desire to channel the energy and awareness of the creative community in Nashville into a positive, powerful experience." Beyond live music, there will also be a keynote address by the Venerable Doctor Pannavati. A disciple of Great Master Kuang Seng, Pannavati is a female Buddhist monk. Her ordination is in the Theravada and Chan traditions. She is co-founder and co-Abbot of the Embracing-Simplicity Hermitage, and co-director of the Heartwood Refuge, in Hendersonville, North Carolina. You can read more about her story in this article from the Huffington Post. Also speaking from the podium on behalf of Let It Begin With Me will be Rashed Fakhruddin, president of the Islamic Center of Nashville.

"Finding True Refuge"
The Venerable Doctor Pannavati

Musically, proceeding alphabetically, there will also be festival performances tonight by: Leah Blevins, Liz Cooper and the Stampede, Ian Ferguson, Ron Gallo, Erin Rae, Coco Reilly, and Zach Schmidt. Also, as a last minute surprise addition to the line-up, Aaron Lee Tasjan will be sitting in with a few of his fellow musician friends performing today. Should you care to catch this event live via the airwaves, listen no further than Acme Radio Live. Acme Radio is one of the co-sponsors of the event, in conjunction with Little Harpeth Brewing, the very scene where the festival shall unfurl.  

Thayer Sarrano - Acme Radio Live - (Nashville, TN)
Acme Radio Live
Stream This Event Live Via Acme!


Thayer Sarrano - "Thieves"
(Crafted by: CWM Studio)

July 22, 2017 (Saturday) - We often like to wait until the summer to thank The Autumn Roses for their support of the music of Thayer Sarrano. The very word "autumn" always reminds us of cooler climes, in the balmy sweatbox that is northern Georgia in July. Many thanks to The Autumn Roses for covering, back in February, the video release of the song "Thieves," from the album Shaky. The Roses write: "Thayer Sarrano is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter from Athens, Georgia, and wildly-talented photographer and director Curtis Wayne Millard Studio has crafted a softly-psychedelic and visionary new video for her star-dusted song 'Thieves.'" Thank you! You can read more of our perennial thanks to The Autumn Roses in our Archival Vaults: July 2015, August 2015, September 2015, and March 2016.  

Thayer Sarrano - The Autumn Roses


Athens Potluck - Jason Thrasher

Jason Thrasher's forthcoming Athens Potluck is a photographic journey across the Athens music scene. The book is due out later this fall from Deeds Publishing. As we never tire of noting, more than a few of these Thrasher images find themselves ensconced at the Georgia Theatre, including one, we are told, of Thayer Sarrano herself, as informed by Jacob Deaton. You might also consider the following video of Thayer Sarrano performing "Blue Mother" from Lift Your Eyes to the Hills. This Thrasher video was created in preparation for the photo session. The book also includes photo features on: Michael Stipe, Patterson Hood, and T. Hardy Morris, among numerous others.   

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