Thayer Sarrano at the Seney-Stovall Chapel
Apparitions at Seney-Stovall

Flagpole Magazine

"Top 10 Albums of 2015" - Flagpole Magazine (January, 2016) - "The album’s 10 tracks had a cavernous quality that made the slightest instrumentation, from a ghostly organ chord to the towering slide of a pedal steel, stretch and fill every corner. Still, Sarrano left her songs space to breathe; her messages of heartbreak, uncertainty and panic were conveyed with a deceptive measure of serenity, proving how truly singular her voice is in Athens music."   

Thayer Sarrano at Seney-Stovall
Light Bathing: Seney-Stovall

PopMatters Magazine

"The Best Americana of 2015" - Eric Risch - PopMatters (December, 2015) - "With a voice that could fill churches, singer/songwriter Thayer Sarrano opts instead to conduct the sermons of Shaky, her third solo album, in the swamps of southern Georgia. ...The looming atmosphere of dread and submission conjured on Shaky turns over a new page in Southern Gothic storytelling."  

Thayer Sarrano at the 40 Watt
Shadow Totem: Seney-Stovall

The Autumn Roses

Video Review - The Autumn Roses (2015) - "The visuals for the breathtaking 'Shaky' burn with a disarming, dreamlike elegance, while the clip for the mirage-like 'Crease,' directed by Abel Klainbaum and Sarrano herself, resonates with a dusky and natural menace."  

Thayer Sarrano at the 40 Watt
Thayer Sarrano


Single Review - Eric Davidson - CMJ (August, 2015) - "Got a cool tune from earlier in the week we wished to hip you to, 'Touch My Face.' It comes from Thayer Sarrano who comes from Athens, GA (after growing up in a monastery). And indeed there is an aura of 'southern gothic' via twangy guitars, deep woodsy echoes and a rhythm like cautiously trudging through those woods."   

Thayer Sarrano at the 40 Watt

Paste Magazine

Album Review - Eric R. Danton - Paste Magazine (August, 2015) - "It’s rare that a song strikes so perfect a balance between foreboding and sensual, but Thayer Sarrano gets it just right on 'Shaky,' the title track from her new album. The tune is a study in contrasts, pitting hard edges against the soft allure of suggestion as Sarrano wraps her whispery drawl around a flat, forceful rhythm while vaporous tendrils of steel guitar float past."   

Thayer Sarrano at the 40 Watt
Thayer Sarrano

Elmore Magazine

"Sink Into The Dark Southern Rock Of Thayer Sarrano" - Elmore Magazine (August, 2015) - "...Sarrano crafts a sound that is hauntingly eerie. Bringing this palette to a canvas that includes country, psych, Southern Gothic, even industrial, it’s easy to imagine this song scoring True Detective's first season."