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The Guildwater Group, LLC was established in 2015. We are a hybrid entity. We are a privately-held diversified investment company. We are a record label, boutique in scale. We are now also an online retailer of professional audio-visual equipment for both studio and stage. We are based in Athens, Georgia. In 2017, we launched our retail division – Guildwater Gear – a wholly-owned subsidiary. Our mission is to deliver high-quality equipment to professionals and aspirants alike. With still more to come, we are proud to offer brands that we ourselves have used in our own studios for years. Thanks to our distribution partners, we have access to warehouse shipping centers in Connecticut, Kentucky, and California, to help us better serve the gear needs of the music community.

Guildwater Gear. The Double-G
Guildwater Gear
Studio & Stage for Professionals

The Guildwater Gear logo, depicted above, and selected from a dozen designs, is a lower-case variant of the original, mirrored "Double-G" of the Guildwater Group itself, pictured at top, in all capitals. In addition to sound and lighting equipment, Guldwater Gear also represents a direct retail window for the music and merchandise of our record label, whose interests in sound, print, and visual media represent our most public face. As a record label, our mission is to build a quality catalog of recordings, produced by independent artists, individuals who pursue their inner-vision, irrespective of the trends of the marketplace. We prefer artists who place integrity over commercialism, and craft over persona. We prize substance over form. We reach for quality over quantity. "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." First and foremost, there is Thayer Sarrano. And then, fifth, there is Five Fingertips. Should you care to read about our endeavors, our Scribal Team is always hard at work chronicling our deeds. Visit then, if you will, the Scriptorium Vaults, where our Scriveners commit quills to illumined parchments of pounded vellum, to learn more.

Thayer Sarrano at the 40 Watt
Thayer Sarrano at the 40 Watt

Thayer Sarrano
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Music Videos

Thayer Sarrano - "Thieves"

Thanks to the Huffington Post, for their premiere of the new video for the song "Thieves" by Thayer Sarrano. The video is the crafwork of Curtis Wayne Millard Studio, whose work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Spin, Billboard, Entertainment Weekly, and USA Today.

Thayer Sarrano - "Crease"

The first video released from the new album Shaky. This video was crafted by Abel Klainbaum, in tandem with the artist herself (Thayer Sarrano).

Thayer Sarrano - "Shaky"

The second video released from the new album Shaky. This video is for the title-track. It was drafted, filmed, and crafted by Dominar Films, LTD.

Girder Triptych 04 A
Girder Triptych 04 A

Five Fingertips

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Music Videos

Five Fingertips - "Nod"

The first video released from the album Five Fingertips. This video was produced and crafted by the Guildwater Group, in tandem with Five Fingertips.

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