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Guildwater Staff Archivist
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2019 - Manuscript A (Early 2019 News)
2018 - Manuscript B (Later 2018 News)
2018 - Manuscript A (Early 2018 News)
2017 - Manuscript B (Later 2017 News)
2017 - Manuscript A (Early 2017 News)
2016 - Manuscript B (Later 2016 News)
2016 - Manuscript A (Early 2016 News)
2015 - Manuscript B (Later 2015 News)
2015 - Manuscript A (Early 2015 News)

Welcome to the Guildwater News Wire Archive. At long last, we have finished building out our vaunted ribbed Vaults, transferring over parchments and codices of pounded vellum to our Scriptorium cathedral -- material and content that we once foolishly entrusted solely to Facebook, as a burnt offering, attempting to offer up an aroma pleasing to Zuck (the modern Ba'al), all in an effort to propitiate the various and sundry herd gods and goddesses of social conformity and general dyspepsia (we meant simply, "media"). We are now ready for the day when Facebook is regarded as Myspace -- a relic of a bygone era. Hopefully you held on to your receipt, that way you can get back the time of your life, or at least exchange it for a new one, or something of comparable value -- socks, perhaps. Here, in our Vaults, you will find our records dating back to time immemorial, which, fortunately for our Staff Archivist, was not all that long ago. Not for us anyway. 2015 to be exact. Little did we realize then that this represented but the first phase of our archival renovations, for, by the time we had completed what came to be known in our hallowed halls by its hushed and whispered code name -- The Great Transference -- so as not to alert and irk the ire of the ever-wrathful Zuck (don't let that goober smile fool you, Senator; Ernst Stavro Blofeld is like Big Bird by comparison), our scrolls and manuscripts, unbeknownst even to us, had grown so lengthy, like some unwieldy yet still immaculately kempt rabbinical beard, that our venerable Abbot (we call him "The Vulnerable Bead," as something of an inside joke, which not even we fully understand, suffice to say that it helps to pass the time) descended at last from his Tower of the Flying Buttresses (it's a humble cubicle cell, actually, it just sounds better the other way) and, in a sepulchral voice of lava mixed with larvae, thunder, and locusts, ordered our team of crack Scriveners, Scribes, Copyists, Archivists, Ink-Dippers, Papyrus-Violators, and other assorted Quill-Scratchers, to break apart the Chronicles Guildwater, to prevent their heft from b(l)ogging down, blowing up, and otherwise crashing the feeble browsers of mortal phones, phablets, and tablets world-wide. (World-wide.) This deed, too, has now come to pass. Let the people of Earth and the beasts of its Fields rejoice, gathering mirth and bonhomie into humid little bouquets. Have scribes. Will scribble.

Guildwater Archives MS 2017
2017 - Manuscript B
(Late 2017 News)
Guildwater Archives MS 2017
Early 2017 - Manuscript A
(Early 2017 News)
Guildwater Archives MS 2016
2016 - Manuscript B
(Late 2016 News)
Guildwater Archives MS 2016
Early 2016 - Manuscript A
(Early 2016 News)
Guildwater Archives MS 2015
Late 2015 - Manuscript B
(Late 2015 News)
Guildwater Archives MS 2015
Early 2015 - Manuscript A
(Early 2015 News)
Codex Manesse (Zürich) (Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg)
"Rudolph the Scribe"
Codex Manesse (1300s) (Zürich)
(Source: Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg)