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(Nashville, TN)

Thayer Sarrano - Jessica Hopper (MTV News)
MTV News
(Editorial Director of Music)

January 13, 2018 (Saturday) - As Leonard Feather and Nat Hentoff were to jazz journalism of the 1950s and 1960s, so is Jessica Hopper to music journalism (rock and genres otherwise) of the 1990s and early 21st century. Jessica Hopper currently serves as the editorial director of music at MTV News. She has done duty as the editor-in-chief of the Pitchfork Review. She has penned pages for the Chicago Tribune, The Village Voice, SPIN, and GQ, to scratch but the surface of her written compendium. Hopper is the author of two books: The Girls' Guide to Rocking, and The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic. The latter was featured in the New York Times Review of Books. She has been interviewed by Newsweek and Time. More vaunted than all this, (and all that), in our eyes, is Hopper's unmitigated voice supporting and defending the place of women in the music industry. By turns subtle and razor-sharp, Hopper never hesitates to brand as "foul play" the all-too-typical practices and behaviors of male chauvinism, as found enshrined and protected in the tower. For all of these reasons, and then some, we are delighted to embed this screenshot for posterity, commemorating one fine day back in September 2017, when Jessica Hopper took a moment on her Twitter Feed to remark upon the merits of the album Shaky by Thayer Sarrano. Many, many thanks, sent by way of Athens, GA, due north, to a place called Chi-Town.

Thayer Sarrano - Camp In 2017
Thayer Sarrano - Camp In 2017
Thayer Sarrano - AthFest 2015
Thayer Sarrano - AthFest 2015
Thayer Sarrano - AthFest 2015
Thayer Sarrano - AthFest 2015
Thayer Sarrano - AthFest 2015

To bump the Hopper commemoration up a notch, we thought we would take this occasion to unveil some photographs that are now a year-old this very month. The photographs are of the Thayer Sarrano String Chamber Ensemble, performing at the Flicker Theatre on January 20th, 2017. The Chamber was constituted on this occasion by, moving left to right: JoJo Glidewell (vox), William T. Kissane (vox), Sarrano herself (vox, guitar), Keiko Ishibashi (violin), Maria Kindt (viola), Elijah Neesmith (bass), and Will Taylor (cello). This show was part of the annual Camp In Festival in Athens, Georgia. Camp In is the East Coast mirror of the West Coast Camp Out, two showcases hosted by two immortal headliners Camper Van Beethoven (namesake) and Cracker. Thayer Sarrano joined both Camper and Cracker for their respective sets across that weekend, playing keys and contributing vocals. You can read our original write-up of that event here in our Vaulted Archives. You can also visit the full gallery page, replete with all the photos of the Sarrano String Chamber Ensemble séance here. If you examine the photographs closely, you can spy Mr. David Lowery himself, sitting on the Camper / Cracker frontman row to the left, wearing the jazzy hep-cat lid (or "hat," for ye layfolk and squares).  


(Nashville, TN)

Thayer Sarrano - Cold Lunch Recordings - The 5 Spot (Nashville, TN)
The 5 Spot
(Event Poster: Caroline Bowman)

January 27, 2018 (Saturday) - The 5 Spot Revisited. Thayer Sarrano. She's the one doing the revisiting. Out on Highway 65 (It's an Interstate, actually.) Courtesy of Cold Lunch Recordings, Sarrano performs live at this East Nashville venue of world reputation. Our spurious readership will recall, if their memory stands whatsoever to any purpose, that this same Cold Lunch was responsible, two weeks ago, for the Cold Lunch Cares Coat Drive, which went down at H.O.M.E. (Helping Our Music Evolve), also along the banks of the Cumberland. In addition to Sarrano, three other bands take The 5 Spot stage this evening. There is Brooklyn-based headliner Soft Fangs, whose latest album -- Fractures -- from 2017, is out on Disposable America. Previous Soft Fangs adventures into the recorded medium include: The Light (EIS Records, 2016), and a self-titled EP from 2014, (again on Disposable). Two Nashville-based bands round up tonight's bill. There is Summer Palace, with an EP - Summer Callus - to their credit. There is Zook, whose own EP of that same year of 2017 - Carrots - is likewise available on Bandcamp.

Thayer Sarrano (Nashville, TN)

According to our extensive Scriptorium Archives, where prolix is the norm, and which may occasionally overstate things for effect, but which would never intentionally lead anyone astray, at least not too far along the paths of our paradisiacal gardens, Thayer Sarrano last invaded The 5 Spot in September of 2017. On that occasion, it was the inimitable Cosmic Thug Records who hosted the proceedings. This evening Cold Lunch Recordings acts as the surrogate. Many thanks to them both.  

(Nashville, TN)

Thayer Sarrano - Cold Lunch Recordings Homeless Benefit (Nashville, TN)

January 13, 2018 (Saturday) - This just in. Thayer Sarrano -- She, the Mighty -- is slated to participate in The Cold Lunch Cares Homeless Benefit in Nashville, Tennessee. The clothes-drive side of the benefit has been underway since December 26th, 2017. The musical-performance side of the benefit unloads today. Many thanks to Nashville Scene / Nashville Cream for their announcement, regarding this most worthy cause of an event.

Thayer Sarrano - Nashville Scene

Tag! The World Is It. That's how we Guildwater Scribes feel (delightfully) on name-check social media days such as these, where so many gather together, for a bona fide cause, set to music. The orchestrator of today's event is Cold Lunch Recordings, a record label based in Nashville. The Cold Lunch Coat Drive for Nashville's Homeless Community boasts a bevy of bands, listed alphabetically, so as to eschew hierarchy: Diamond Carter, Ian Ferguson, H.A.R.D., HARI, the Glen Martian Band, Coco Reilly, and Thayer Sarrano (The Aforesaid). This musical side of the benefit will take place at H.O.M.E., which is a non-profit organization, whose acronym stands for "Helping Our Music Evolve." Beverages will be proffered by: Barritt's Ginger Beer, Pennington Distilling Company, and the Yazoo Brewing Company. Eats (namely, tacos) will be provided by: Bad Hombre Tacos, Gracie's Taco Shop, and Taco Terry's. All proceeds from the musical event will be donated to Open Table Nashville, Safe Haven, and Room In The Inn.

Thayer Sarrano - H.O.M.E. (Helping Our Music Evolve) (Nashville, TN - 2018)
(Helping Our Music Evolve)
(Nashville, TN)

As part of the larger Cold Lunch Coat Drive, donations for the homeless may be deposited at any of the following locations in Music City: Eastside Music Supply, Gift Horse, Infinity Cat Records, Nashville Vapor, Original Fuzz, Vinyl Tap, The Wild Cow, and the Yazoo Brewery Tap Room. Items requested for donation include: winter coats (adults and kid sizes), sleeping bags, blankets, batteries, backpacks, gloves, hats, sweatshirts, socks, toiletries, and t-shirt, among other items still. Many thanks to Cold Lunch Recordings for inviting Thayer Sarrano to participate in this worthy cause. A fine end to 2017. A fine start to 2018.  

(Los Angeles, CA)

Thayer Sarrano - The Bootleg Theater (Los Angeles, CA)

December 07, 2017 (Thursday) - After some desert-trekking, fitting for a composer of desert hymns, Thayer Sarrano eases up the West Coast, displacing time and space, from San Diego to Los Angeles. This evening Sarrano plays The Bootleg Theater. As mentioned previously, Thayer last played LA earlier this year, at Genghis Cohen, in March. Prior to that, our Guildwater Scriptorium reveals a trinity of shows there in December 2015, when Sarrano played: The Viper Room, Harvard & Stone, and The Hotel Café. Should you care to take a stroll down memory lane, perusing our scrolls, you could do no worse than to start here. There we Scribes weigh-in on everything from Johnny Depp, to River Phoenix, from Johnny Cash, to Tom Waits. Even our tonsures, symbolizing our humility, cannot hide, much less quell, the ill-will of our crotchety quills, sometimes.

Tonight's Sarrano Show is in support of that riveting headliner Nicole Atkins. Her new album, Goodnight Rhonda Lee is out everywhere. Pick up your copy of the record of which American Songwriter writes, Atkins "creates a defining portrait of an artist whose grasp of the past creates ageless, enduring music for any year." If you haven't yet caught the video for the lead single for Goodnight Rhonda Lee -- “Listen Up” -- over on YouTube, this would be your loss. This latest studio release represents Atkins' fourth. Moving forward chronologically, there is: Neptune City (2007), Mondo Amore (2011), and Slow Phaser (2014).

Nicole Atkins - Neptune City
Neptune City (2007)
Nicole Atkins
(Sony BMG Entertainment)

As was the case with the Atkins Show in San Diego a few nights ago at the Soda Bar, also performing tonight at the Bootleg Theater will be Lauren Ruth Ward, who is a Los Angeles-based musician, and Baltimore native. From Ward's presser, we read: "Her band re-creates 60's rock and roll nuances, allowing Ward to release a powerhouse of raw, visceral emotion in their live show." Ward's backing band is constituted by: Eduardo Rivera, Livia Slingerland, and India Pascucci. Ward released her self-titled debut EP in 2016.  

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