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—  The Tour of the West (2017)  —

(Los Angeles, CA)

Thayer Sarrano - The Bootleg Theater (Los Angeles, CA)

December 07, 2017 (Thursday) - After some desert-trekking, fitting for a composer of desert hymns, Thayer Sarrano eases up the West Coast, displacing time and space, from San Diego to Los Angeles. This evening Sarrano plays The Bootleg Theater. As mentioned previously, Thayer last played LA earlier this year, at Genghis Cohen, in March. Prior to that, our Guildwater Scriptorium reveals a trinity of shows there in December 2015, when Sarrano played: The Viper Room, Harvard & Stone, and The Hotel Café. Should you care to take a stroll down memory lane, perusing our scrolls, you could do no worse than to start here. There we Scribes weigh-in on everything from Johnny Depp, to River Phoenix, from Johnny Cash, to Tom Waits. Even our tonsures, symbolizing our humility, cannot hide, much less quell, the ill-will of our crotchety quills, sometimes.

Tonight's Sarrano Show is in support of that riveting headliner Nicole Atkins. Her new album, Goodnight Rhonda Lee is out everywhere. Pick up your copy of the record of which American Songwriter writes, Atkins "creates a defining portrait of an artist whose grasp of the past creates ageless, enduring music for any year." If you haven't yet caught the video for the lead single for Goodnight Rhonda Lee -- “Listen Up” -- over on YouTube, this would be your loss. This latest studio release represents Atkins' fourth. Moving forward chronologically, there is: Neptune City (2007), Mondo Amore (2011), and Slow Phaser (2014).

Nicole Atkins - Neptune City
Neptune City (2007)
Nicole Atkins
(Sony BMG Entertainment)

As was the case with the Atkins Show in San Diego a few nights ago at the Soda Bar, also performing tonight at the Bootleg Theater will be Lauren Ruth Ward, who is a Los Angeles-based musician, and Baltimore native. From Ward's presser, we read: "Her band re-creates 60's rock and roll nuances, allowing Ward to release a powerhouse of raw, visceral emotion in their live show." Ward's backing band is constituted by: Eduardo Rivera, Livia Slingerland, and India Pascucci. Ward released her self-titled debut EP in 2016.  

B-Sides & Badlands

Thayer Sarrano - B-Sides & Badlands

December 07, 2017 (Thursday) - Good press isn't always easy to come by, even when actively sought. Thus, when it rains down like unsolicited manna, record label executives and their scribal minions tend to call it a “very good day.” The Guildwater Group extends considerable thanks to the musician Derek Hoke, the magazine B-Sides & Badlands, and its editor Jason Scott, who is also the author of an article that appeared in those very same pages, dated the 25th of October, 2017, an article which took note of Thayer Sarrano and her album Shaky. Let’s unravel this one for our readers, shall we?

Derek Hoke is an East Nashville based singer-songwriter musician who recently released a new record, entitled Bring the Flood, his fourth. It features contributions from the likes of Elizabeth Cook, Langhorne Slim, Aaron Lee Tasjan, and Luther Dickinson. It also boasts a production credit from Dex Green. For those in the know -- and we feign ourselves to rank amongst the cognoscenti on occasion, even though we are but humble monks who shun vainglory -- this is a veritable Rhinestone Cowboy of a Star-Studded East Nashvillian Cast. (R.I.P. Glen Campbell, worthy pal of Alice Cooper.)

Derek Hoke – Bring the Flood

Derek Hoke, much to his credit, recently put together a Spotify Playlist of significant female artists currently active around the Cumberland River. Many thanks to Hoke for his curation, and for featuring Thayer Sarrano amongst that number. Of Sarrano, Hoke writes: “Thayer is a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter that Nashville is lucky to have. A true artist. Her sonic palette knows no boundaries, and her songs pull you in with mystery and wonder.” Kind words indeed. Thank you.

This article, entitled -- Derek Hoke Highlights 10 Country Women You Oughta Be Listening To -- appeared in the magazine B-Sides & Badlands, which is a creative outlet for the influential music critic – Jason Scott – author of the article itself. Scott has contributed to more than a few music pages of considerable note: Paste, Billboard, PopCrush, PopDust, One Country, and Greatist, among others still. Of his side project – B-Sides & BadlandsScott writes: “There comes a time when you’ve just got to stop allowing yourself to be force-fed by mainstream music.” And elsewhere, concerning B-Sides itself: “It’s not really important to me how many people are reading this: it’s far more gratifying if just one person walks away enlightened about someone else’s life, their struggles, their pain, their art. That’s why I write. And that’s why you should listen.” Other Scott articles we also recently enjoyed are: “Sexism in Music: From Linda Ronstadt to Smoke Season,” as well as "EPs Versus Albums: Artists Struggle to Balance Cost & Creativity.”

Also appearing in Derek Hoke’s curated list of significant female Nashvillians blazing new trails are, proceeding alphabetically: Nicole Atkins, Elizabeth Cook, Lilly Hiatt, Lillie Mae, Becca Mancari, Erin Rae, Caroline Spence, Nora Jane Struthers, and Kelsey Waldon. Many thanks to Derek Hoke. Many thanks to Jason Scott. Many thanks to B-Sides & Badlands for situating Thayer Sarrano amidst her talented peers. We greatly appreciate it.  

Shaky Album Cover
Thayer Sarrano

—  The Tour of the West (2017)  —

(San Diego, CA)

Thayer Sarrano - The Soda Bar (San Diego, California) (2017)
Soda Bar
(San Diego, California)

December 5, 2017 (Tuesday) - With the Lone Star State now a two-day memory in a rearview mirror, Thayer Sarrano and her Tour of the West arrive -- it was bound to happen -- on the West Coast. Tonight at the Soda Bar in San Diego, in southern California, she proffers a musical performance. Skimming over a few pop-up sets here and there, such as the Sarrano Show in Los Angeles, at Genghis Cohen, in March of this fleeting year of 2017, the zesty parchments and dusty scrolls of our Guildwater archives reveal to we scribes of feeble eyesight that Sarrano last toured California extensively in 2015, for what was then the West Coast Shaky Tour 1.0. That maiden voyage was also once upon a December. To commemorate, we trot out below the tour poster of that erstwhile sojourn, hastening to underline that the photograph itself is provenance of Thrasher Photo and Design. You know, the fellow behind that recent book everybody's talking about -- Athens Potluck -- which features Michael Stipe, Patterson Hood (with whom Thayer laster toured the Pacific Northwest back in 2015), Thayer Sarrano, and T. Hardy Morris, amongst a bevy of other Athenian musical-archetype-types. If your coffee table doesn't now boast a copy, your coffee table is incomplete, and something is missing in your life. (No, it's not mere existential angst, although it's probably that, too, we hasten to inform you. You just need this book, folks, to feel even remotely complete.)

Thayer Sarrano West Coast Tour 1.0
West Coast Tour 1.0 (2015)
Jason Thrasher Photo & Design

As the memories rush back to us -- they "bum rush our show" -- we recall that, upon Sarrano's Departure for the West, back in 2015, when Shaky was but a freshly-released vinyl LP, not yet legend, we scribes received marching-orders from on high to deliver copies to local Athenian record dens, such as Low Yo Yo Stuff Records, and Wuxtry to boot. We monks complied, being honor-bound by that key third essential vow of the Benedictine order dating back to Monte Cassino itself -- obedience. As pudding in the proof, we share this photo below from Wuxtry, dated December 1st of 2015, to mark and enliven the calendar further, with the true yarns we spin, duck, dodge, bob (for apples), and weave.

Shaky Vinyl LPs at Wuxtry in Athens
Yo! Get Shaky on Vinyl
Photo Street Cred:
Athenian Wuxtry on Facebook

As we never tire of highlighting, although we promise not to always take so long to get to this essential point -- this evening's iteration of the Thayer Sarrano Experience is in support of Nicole Atkins, whose Goodnight Rhonda Lee is out everywhere. Get "Hep to the Jive," like Cab Calloway. Put on your Zoot Suit, with its "reet pleats," and its "drape shape." You are now perhaps smooth enough to check out Atkins' latest single "Darkness Falls So Quiet" -- a scribal favorite. But why stop there? Consider also Atkins' collaboration with Tommy Stinson (YES, he of The Replacements), and his group Bash & Pop, on their single "Too Late," out on Fat Possum Records, as debuted in Pitchfork, back in September of this year.

Are you hep to the jive?

Also performing tonight shall be Lauren Ruth Ward. She is a Los Angeles-based musician, transplanted by way of Baltimore, replete with full backing band. Ward's self-titled debut EP was released in 2016. It was preceded and followed by a handful of singles. From Ward's presser, we read: "Her lyrics are secrets to strangers, writing about her life’s trajectory sharing both vulnerability and strength delivered with grit and vibrato." Check out Ward. Check out Sarrano. Check out Atkins. Three ladies all on point at the Soda Bar in San Diego.  

(Austin, TX)

Thayer Sarrano - Tour of The West (2017)
The Tour of The West (2017)
(Poster Art: Sarrano Designs)

November 30, 2017 (Thursday) - The saga continues. Thayer Sarrano returns to the tour circuit today, embarking on what we shall dub as The Tour of the West (2017), since this is no mere coastal affair. This is especially evident today as Sarrano lands onstage, smack in the middle of the continent, (or roughly thereabouts), at Antone's, on 305 East 5th Street, in Austin, Texas. As is the case with those soon to follow, this evening's Sarrano show is in support of crooner extraordinaire Nicole Atkins, whose freshly-released record Goodnight Rhonda Lee (2017) continues to gain momentum, both at home in The States, and abroad in Europe. Rolling Stone writes: "Atkins' breadth on the album – both vocally and musically – is astounding…." Tis' true, dear readers. Pick up your copy today.

Thayer Sarrano - Antone's (Austin, Texas)

Also performing tonight at Antone's are Austin-locals, The Midnight Stroll, who released their self-titled debut EP in 2014. This was followed in 2016 by their first full-length LP Heartbreak Bugaloo. Released just this year, Western Static represents the very latest from The Midnight Stroll, all out on Skeleton Farm Records. Many thanks to the Nicole Atkins for inviting Thayer Sarrano out to win the West, all in the name of Goodnight Rhonda Lee.  

Nicole Atkins - Goodnight Rhonda Lee

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