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I Will Never Be Used to Your Beauty
Immersive Atlanta

Thayer Sarrano - I Will Never Be Used to Your Beauty

October 5, 2018 (Friday) - It’s official. It’s out. “I Will Never Be Used to Your Beauty” by Thayer Sarrano is live, streaming, and available for download.   Many thanks to Russell Rockwell and Immersive Atlanta for their article appearing today, highlighting the new music of Thayer Sarrano. We quote: “Long after the brief 7-inch from Thayer Sarrano concludes, the contemplative mood both tracks incite seems to hang in the air. Though only a single song, the expansive A-side is comprised of twelve meditative couplets that work as a hymn, while the B-side is a cover of Leonard Cohen. Both songs are equally suited for the season, though the open-ended pastoral philosophy of the record is a foil for the crisp realizations of autumn.”   We would like to thank Baby Robot Media for their excellent press campaign, for getting the word to the masses. Many thanks also to Gold Rush Vinyl, who pressed these records super-fast. All hats off equally to the photographic art of Alysse Gafkjen, for capturing Thayer Sarrano so wonderfully on film. Thanks most of all, however, to L'Altissima -- which in this case would be Sarrano herself -- without whom, and without whose musical art, none of these tergiversations would be much worth the while.

Shipments of the 7” vinyl, backed with its B-side -- Sarrano’s rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “If It Be Your Will” – shall begin on Tuesday (10/9). This very morning we were happy to ship out the first copies of the lyrical companion book of the same title. This hardcover book features 60 pages of full-color drawings and mixed-media art by Sarrano. It is printed on thick Bristol paper, and set to the lyrics of the song, as scripted in the musician’s own unique hand-script, as font forged by CWM Studio. Tuned, please, stay. This is but an opening salvo.  

Thayer Sarrano - Pop Matters

Grimy Goods

Thayer Sarrano - If It Be Your Will (Grimy Goods Premiere)

October 01, 2018 (Monday) - We extend considerable thanks to Grimy Goods of Los Angeles for their premiere of Thayer Sarrano's rendition of the Leonard Cohen classic "If It Be Your Will." From the article of the anonymous author, we quote: "Whatever hurdles, technical or personal, one must overcome as a singer/songwriter taking on the words of someone like Cohen, Sarrano carries the weight with an exceptional grace. Like an echo in a dark cathedral, Sarrano’s breathy murmurs are as gutting as they are isolated and exposed, explicating from the pained prayer she sings something voraciously intimate and personal."

Thayer Sarrano - Grimy Goods

This song -- "If It Be Your Will" -- is the B-side to the forthcoming 7-inch vinyl single of Sarrano, entitled "I Will Never Be Used to Your Beauty." The single is scheduled for release this Friday -- October 5th -- and all is well on the digital side. We are still awaiting the arrival of the vinyl, but will begin shipping upon receipt. For those customers who have already placed pre-orders, first of all, thank you. We will continue to confirm your orders, and keep you apprised of its fulfillment. We look forward to giving the Customs Offices of the European Union a considerable number of parcels to process very soon. As for Thayer Sarrano's lyrical book of drawings of the same title -- I Will Never Be Used to Your Beauty -- slated for simultaneous release, shipping will indeed begin this Friday. Thanks to all of the Sarrano fans for your pre-orders. We wish we could keep them all, every last single kettle-stitched book for ourselves. Alas, we will be mailing out copies to their new and rightful owners this very week. Thank you, Grimy Goods, for spreading the word on Sarrano. More is still yet to come. We can't wait to offer our readers links to articles about Sarrano from The Autumn Roses, Mystic Sons (London), and Come Here Floyd. In the meantime, you will need to resort to the search-engine of your choice to find them. (We know and hope you will survive.) Word on the streets of LA is that Thayer will be taping another song and live performance for BalconyTV this very week, with a scheduled release to be announced.  


Thayer Sarrano - I Will Never Be Used to Your Beauty

September 20, 2018 (Thursday) - Many thanks to Jedd Beaudoin and PopMatters for their premiere of the forthcoming single of Thayer Sarrano. The song of the years -- "I Will Never Be Used to Your Beauty" -- is scheduled for formal release on October 5th, 2018. It will be available both digitally, and on 7" 45 RPM record, as pressed by Gold Rush Vinyl -- because it's a platter that matters. (Check out this video article on Gold Rush as found in Forbes.) The B-side features Sarrano's re-envisioning of "If It Be Your Will" by the late Leonard Cohen. Also scheduled for simultaneous release, to accompany the single, is a lyrical companion book of prints, spotlighting original drawings and mixed media art by Sarrano. Bearing the same title as the song -- I Will Never Be Used to Your Beauty -- and narrated by its lyrics, the book is hardcover, 60 pages, and features stunning high-quality color prints of the multi-talented musician's pictorial works. The prints are reproduced in archival inks on thick archival-quality matte vellum Bristol paper (ISBN 978-1-7328163-0-5). All of these items are now available for pre-order.

We are particularly grateful to PopMatters, because that same esteemed journal ranked Shaky of Thayer Sarrano as one of the Top Albums of 2015, a list that featured other such high-caliber musicians as Jason Isbell, Lilly Hiatt, John Moreland, and Andrew Combs. Yes, our memories are long, and we thank PopMatters for returning to the well. You can access the original effusions of the Guildwater Scribes in our Vaulted Archives, where the ink of their quills is never in short supply. Tuned, please, stay, because we dislike discord, save in the compositions of Pierre Boulez, and there is more in the Sarrano canon of cannons on the horizon.  

Thayer Sarrano - Pop Matters

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