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"The Eternal" Stills (Natalie Neal, 2019)
Wings Alleluia Release (Caledonia, 2019)
Alysse Gafkjen Photography (2018)
Curtis Wayne Millard Studio (2016-18)
Flicker Theatre (Camp In 2017)
Emilia Paré Photography (2016)

Camp In (2016)

Thayer Sarrano - Camp In 2016
Thayer Sarrano - Campout 2016
Thayer Sarrano - Camp In 2016
Thayer Sarrano - AthFest 2015
Thayer Sarrano - AthFest 2015

January 29, 2016 (Friday) - Thayer Sarrano performs at the The 40 Watt Club (Athens, Georgia). This show was part of the annual Camp In Festival, the east coast analog of Camp Out. Thayer performed with her own band, before joining headliners Camper Van Beethoven, Cracker, and still other ensembles across the three-day showcase. She performed with a six-piece band, proceeding alphabetically: JoJo Glidewell (keys), William T. Kissane (drums), Bubba McDonald (bass), Zack Milster (baritone guitar), Dan Nettles (guitar), and Thayer Sarrano (vox, guitar). (Event Poster & Photo: Thayer Sarrano Design) (Photographs: Guildwater Group).  

Shaky Tour Posters (2015-2016)
The 40 Watt (Camp In 2016)
Seney-Stovall Chapel (2015)
"Shaky" Stills (Dominar Films, 2015)
"Crease" Stills (Abel Klainbaum, 2015)
The 40 Watt (AthFest 2015)
Thayer Sarrano
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