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"The Eternal" Stills (Natalie Neal, 2019)
Wings Alleluia Release (Caledonia, 2019)
Alysse Gafkjen Photography (2018)
Curtis Wayne Millard Studio (2016-18)
Flicker Theatre (Camp In 2017)
Emilia Paré Photography (2016)

Wings Alleluia (Caledonia, 2019)

Thayer Sarrano - Wings Alleluia Album Release Show - Caledonia Lounge (Athens, GA)

March 31, 2019 (Sunday) - Wings Alleluia -- the new album by Thayer Sarrano -- is out, out in the streets, as of Friday, 29 March. For real, for real, as mastered by Ted Jensen of Sterling Sound. What better way to complement this release, than with a series of shows in the triangular area: Athens, Atlanta, Nashville. On Friday, Sarrano rocked the Caledonia Lounge in Athens, GA. She was supported by Don Chambers and the Athens Cowboy Choir, the latter of whom then joined Sarrano for some choral arrangements composed by Thayer truly. On Saturday, Sarrano graced The Earl in the ATL. Also contributing sets were more friends and compatriots -- Tedo Stone and Little Francis. On Sunday, Sarrano revisited The 5 Spot in Nash. Also offering sets were Justin and The Cosmics, The Smoking Flowers, and Peace Police. We can only speak with certainty for the Athens show, where the Sarrano Band was comprised of some intergalatic musicians, which is standard fare -- de rigueur -- everywhere Thayer is concerned. Moving alphabetically, Kevin Black of the Margo Price Band (Bass), William Kissane (Vocals), Christopher W. Marine of Phosphorescent (Drums), Zach Milster (Lap Steel), and Michael Zimmerman (Guitar, Keys). We've got some nifty live show pix, which we intend to releae here in due time. Along with some fetching video stills from the Sarrano video for "The Eternal" video, as directed by Natalie Neal. In due time. Stomp and Stammer last wrote and generously of Thayer Sarrano in August 2015. Thank you. Our Archives run deep.  

Shaky Tour Posters (2015-2016)
The 40 Watt (Camp In 2016)
Seney-Stovall Chapel (2015)
"Shaky" Stills (Dominar Films, 2015)
"Crease" Stills (Abel Klainbaum, 2015)
The 40 Watt (AthFest 2015)
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