Thayer Sarrano

Flicker Theatre (Camp In 2017)
Emilia Paré Photography (2016)
Shaky Tour Posters (2015-2016)
The 40 Watt (Camp In 2016)
Seney-Stovall Chapel (2015)
"Shaky" Stills (Dominar Films, 2015)
"Crease" Stills (Abel Klainbaum, 2015)
The 40 Watt (AthFest 2015)

Tour Posters

Thayer Sarrano - Shaky Tour (East Coast 1.0)
Thayer Sarrano - East Coast (2015)
Thayer Sarrano - West Coast (2015)
Thayer Sarrano - East Coast 2.0
Thayer Sarrano - Tour Europa (2016)

We have had the pleasure of working with a number of immensely talented artists over the years. Together these photographers have helped give a visual face to the sound of Thayer Sarrano. Listed alphabetically by studio name, the following Shaky Tour Posters feature photographs from: Curtis Wayne Millard Studio (Europe), Emilia Paré Photography (Shaky East 2.0), Graham Shirley Design (Seney-Stovall Album Release), and Jason Thrasher Photo & Design (Shaky East 1.0 & West Coast 1.0). The posters themselves are listed chronologically below, beginning with the Shaky Album Release Show Poster at the Seney-Stovall Chapel in Athens.

Thayer Sarrano
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