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"The Eternal" Stills (Natalie Neal, 2019)
Wings Alleluia Release (Caledonia, 2019)
Alysse Gafkjen Photography (2018)
Curtis Wayne Millard Studio (2016-18)
Flicker Theatre (Camp In 2017)
Emilia Paré Photography (2016)

"The Eternal" Stills (2019)

Thayer Sarrano - The Eternal (Natalie Neal, Director)

March 20, 2019 (Wednesday) - Many thanks to the great Thayer Sarrano for her song "The Eternal," and her coterie of mavens, including here most pertinently Natalie Neal of Namesake Content, whose filmic work brings light (and Drop-D-type darkness (thanks, Courtney E. Smith, for the riff-ic phrase)) to a freshly-released Murk™-rock video. We are very honored to have it premiere in the fine pages of, which should help newcomers to the aural art that is Sarrano better understand her musical genealogy. "The Eternal" is but a meager slice from the larger sonic slab goodness that is the album -- Wings Alleluia -- out March 29th. Looking for some vinyl? Pre-orders can now be placed on Bandcamp. We will have more to say in the days to come. Now it is more important to get this word out in a timely manner.

Shaky Tour Posters (2015-2016)
The 40 Watt (Camp In 2016)
Seney-Stovall Chapel (2015)
"Shaky" Stills (Dominar Films, 2015)
"Crease" Stills (Abel Klainbaum, 2015)
The 40 Watt (AthFest 2015)
Thayer Sarrano
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